Just Jerusalem Tours


     As I'm sure many of you know, one of the keys for successful traveling is spontaneousness. So… All suggested itineraries are subject to changes in order to tailor your visit to Jerusalem as good as possible for you. Here are some general suggestions.

     1/2 day tour (3-4 hours) – In a relatively short time you can get a good feel for the Old City & its must see sights. This is true, as long as you know your way around of course, as the Old City could look like a maze to some... The Holy sights & the day to day life are amazingly close to each other, a fact, which allows us to change the atmosphere over & over again! We'll make sure to see The Western/Wailing Wall, The Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher & the golden Dome of the Rock (due to restrictions, only Muslims are allowed in to the Dome).

     1 day tour – A full day (6-8 hours), will enable us to explore the Old City thoroughly. We'll get to feel the different atmospheres in all 4 quarters of the Old City: Armenian, Christian, Jewish & Muslim. Mixing it up between "Must See sights", such as, The Western / Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount (where the Dome of the Rock & El-Aksa masque are located), Church of the Holy Sepulcher & the Via Dolorosa, as well as "off the beaten track" gems: hidden alleyways, secretive rooftops for fantastic views & more. While doing all this we won't miss out on the fantastic local markets, enjoying colors, smells & of course the flavors – which for many is a true culinary highlight! If time, interest & energy permit we could also include 1 or 2 of the Archeological parks, The Mount of Olives or a bit of the New City. As far as the "extras" go, these things could be determined as we go along...

     Multiple day tours – The New City: the growth of Jerusalem in the 19th & 20th Century made this small walled city, to a fairly large city with various neighborhoods. By exploring some of these neighborhoods, we'll get to see the various people inhabiting this special city today.


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